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The 6th General Assembly

The 6th Committee of the United Nations’ General Assembly is concerned with legality pertaining to the actions of member states and protecting the rights and wellbeing of the people. Created in 1947, it has influenced international law and codified agreements between nations. This committee will be exploring three main topics, Transnational Organized Crime, International Jurisdiction, and Conflicts of Security and Rights. It is crucial that delegates understand their respective policies in international affairs while remaining engaged in debate. We leave you with this from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “man is born free and he is everywhere in chains.” We hope you consider Rousseau’s words and the age-old question of where the lines between personal freedom and state sovereignty must be drawn. 

Your Dais
Catriona, Morris - 6th General Assembly.

Catriona Morris

Catriona, Morris - 6th General Assembly.
Jasleen Badwal.JPG

Jasleen Badwal

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