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Welcome to Project Samaritan. After hundreds of unexpected deaths and a clear shift in transgression, modern-day America has discovered its government’s worst secret: employing an artificial intelligence system known as The Machine. It was programmed to identify potential criminal activities at all levels of severity. Having a database large enough to obtain every detail about its citizens, The Machine is a powerful tool that has proven to correctly locate both the victims and perpetrators of these events. However, the AI no longer performs its original duty; after experiencing horrible malfunctions, it now provides the identities of innocent civilians and ignores true threats. The Machine has also begun to leak its source code for any to use and distribute the classified information of upperclass civilians. These issues have combined to yield a society of chaos and distrust. It is up to the members of this committee to identify the cause of The Machine’s issues and decide whether it is most beneficial to repair or destroy the system, considering the implications of its use. The dangers of this endeavour include navigating the potential deception of multiple characters and a whirlwind of plot twists. The future of the Western world is now entrusted in your hands as a Samaritan.

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