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Directors: Kaedan Yu, Jash Parikh


Runeterra; a world with intricate moving parts, so delicate as it may all come crumbling; devolving into chaos as nations vy for power and individuals pursue their own path to become legends. To the god-like “watchers” who unleash the void onto Runeterra, the world is nothing but an annoyance which hinders their eternal slumber. Within Runeterra, however, a rich history of magic and war influences a magnificent setting, from the foothills of the zen nation of Ionia, to their bloodthirsty aggressors—Noxus—, to the Freljord; a monarchy in a barren tundra, hiding a grave secret. Delegates will have to balance furthering their personal agendas in the backroom and unmoderated caucuses, all of which could potentially involve growing their respective followings and taking over other parts of Runeterra. All the while, the growing threat of the Void and the Watchers threatens to consume the entire world if the delegates don’t act quickly. As the once imagined illusion of peace begins to falter for each delegate, it is up to them to decide the fate of Runeterra, and who will be its ruler.

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