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Percy Jackson:
Council of Olympus

Directors: Haley Patel, Rahee Jadhav

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PERCYA JACSON_ Rahee IMG_6021.heic

Welcome to the mythical realm, a world of no mere mortals. A world home to all mythical creatures: the gods, Titans, monsters and demigods. Here, the gods hold court on Mount Olympus, Titans loom in the shadows, monsters lurk in every corner, and demigods navigate the intricate tapestry of the mortals and mythicals. It is a world where the lines between myth and reality blur, and the extraordinary becomes the norm. In this realm, the everlasting effects of the Titanomachy, a monumental conflict between Olympians and Titans, echo. Each step in this world unveils a new layer of mystique, where every tree
might be an entrance to the heart of the woods and every gust of wind, a messenger from the divine. Rumblings of a second Titanomachy leave a lingering tension in the air of this mystical haven. Thus, the question remains: when Olympians and Titans collide, who will emerge victorious and who will be left in ruins? There is only one way to find out – Keep your swords high and your wits up; you never know who or what to trust.


Welcome to Percy Jackson: Council of Olympus.

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