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The National Basketball Association: 2012

                           “And the Celebration will begin. The Dallas Mavericks are your NBA Champions.”


    The 2010-11 NBA lives on in history books. The Mavericks secured their first championship in franchise history. Derrick Rose is the league’s youngest ever MVP, and Kobe Bryant won the All-Star Game MVP. However, the league's good days are behind it, and the future poses great uncertainty as  the league learns that stellar on-court success hardly conceals off-court struggles. Questions of the competitive balance of the NBA following, “The Decision,” are up in the air. The distribution of money is an area of heavy contention and the league's once promising international expansion looks stagnant. These issues are only enunciated by this historic 161-day lockout, fuelled by tensions between league executives and the NBPA. In this Specialized Agency, delegates will act as NBA executives to discuss prevalent issues regarding the fragile state of the NBA. Through committee dialogue, delegates will make game-time decisions for the 2012 season….before the buzzer runs out. 

Your Dais
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Abhishek Dinesan

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Rudra Sheth

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