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Money Heist: The Grande Finale

Directors: Gourav Gupta, Nehmat Badhan


As the city of London slumbers into oblivion, it places its safety in the hands of those in blue. It is those in their navy uniforms that promise to provide solace to the people of London when dusk tinctures the cool night air, and rapture to these people when dawn traces the morning breeze. However, these past few days, the serene nights of London are nothing but a distant, hazy memory, for their absence grumbles with the cacophony of cascading diamonds and bullet casings. You see, this story I am about to tell you is not about princesses, and it is certainly not one with a happy ending. Rather, this story is about the most elusive thieves and their final dance with destiny; this story is about the greatest heist in all of history. This time, money is not the only thing on the line—so is the beating heart of every human alive. You’ve likely heard that all heists have two sides to their story, and this one is no different. Alas, these two sides were never destined to form a camaraderie nor break bread, either. Because in this game, one side must succumb into the depths of despair if the other hopes to rise in triumph. On one end there stands a group of notorious thieves with bloodlust, known as the Red Resistance, and on the other a group of tenacious cops with a thunderous reputation, known as the Blue Patrol. So the question is, what happens when Blue comes face to face with Red? Which side will prevail, if any at all? Alas, there is only one way to find out–-the show must go on, and the bullets must fly, so to the good, and to the evil, Welcome to Money Heist: The Grande Finale.


- The Narrator

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