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Marvel: Shattered Dimensions

Director: Aswin Sivakumar


5 years after the events of Avengers Endgame, a mysterious being has come, what goal he possesses, only you shall find out soon. The Guardians of the Galaxy are detecting various signals in the outer reaches of space, as doom is destined to arrive, in a menacing fashion. The Avengers, currently being rebuilt from the ground up, after the tragic sacrifice from Iron Man, have kept world peace a reality. However, the happiest days are to end, as the devourer, has a special message, hiding in plain sight. Soon, Earth will succumb to becoming a nightmarish hell,
as the world will soon be set on fire. The universe will shatter, as will the dimensions currently composed of it. The question remains, how will you, esteemed delegate, solve the crisis at hand? Or will you, let the world rise into ashes, and be rebuilt by the great devourer, who shall reveal himself when the time is right?

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