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Inside Out

Inside Out: The Battle for the Mind revolves around the mind of a twelve-year-old girl, and all the processes inside it. With each delegate having distinct goals, it is safe to say that the mind is not a perfect being, and neither are those running it. However, without collaboration, your characters will not last very long. As fluid concepts, freedom in this committee is plentiful and creativity is highly encouraged. Inspired from a Psychology class we took in Grade 11, we are excited to see how far you can take this idea. We look forward to seeing you in the spring, and hope that you have as much fun in this committee as we did writing it!

Your Dais
Mathur, Daksh - French Revolution.jpg
Bijita Neupane - Inside Out.jpg

Bijita Neupane

Mohid Siddique  -  French Revolution.png
Sanya Taher - Inside Out.PNG

Sanya Taher

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