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Gotham City: The Batman's Justice League Vs. The Joker's Parade (JCC)

Directors: Suhaani Sharma, Chitleen Kaur

GOTHAM_ Suhaani IMG_9697.jpg

Gotham City is undeniably the crumbling place of crime and chaos. So at this point, there’s nothing the people of the city aren’t used to. Messy, eh? But, things have been worse now than ever before. Innocent killings, large-scale attacks, and psychotic behavior is now higher than ever before, and who do we blame...? A group of criminals known as the “Joker’s Parade”, have assembled to instill chaos
in Gotham, with the prime motive of finally bringing Batman to Justice for his killing of their beloved Joker. The city needs those who believe in strength and dedication, and luckily, they’ve got Batman and his Justice League. Should be okay, though, right? What cannot be forgotten, is that not all stories have a happy ending. Yes, it’s a tale as long as time that the “good guys” win, but there are two sides to every story, like there are two sides to a coin. You may win, but at what cost? The tale of a potential Joker-worshiping and madness inducing Gotham is in your hands. One side of the story would be to support the ones who have always worked for the people, and to put an end to the absolute devastation.
The other side of the story may believe in extremism to get what they want. Who is even right at this point? Truth is, no one knows. Delegates, your mind will be both your greatest enemy and your greatest tool to reclaim Gotham for what it is. To both the “sane” and the “mad”, welcome to Gotham City: the Batman’s Justice League VS the Joker’s Parade. On your journey, do not forget that sometimes, it is only madness that makes us what we are. The only difference is those who show it, and those who don’t...

- Your Absolutely Awesome Bat-Freak Directors

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