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Directors: Aarav Modi, Soumya Gupta


Welcome to Chicago, a city reborn from its own ruins. Residents are divided into five “Factions,” known as Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite. These factions represent different personality traits and embody specific societal roles to uphold peace and tranquility. These values that they follow were created on the foundation of their past mistakes.


However, there are individuals who are tied with the values of multiple factions, known as Divergents. Divergent are a reminder of the ashes of their past and the fire of their future. They are viewed with fear and suspicion, as their potential abilities remain uncertain, causing the majority to perceive them as a potential threat to the balance Chicago worked so diligently to create.


As the tension increases between Divergents and the Factions, inequality and injustice also rise.


Delegates are tasked with addressing the concerns raised by Divergents in a way that not only aligns with the values of the Faction they represent but also promotes cooperation and resolution. Remember, the fate of Chicago rests in your hands, where every decision may shape the destiny of this divided city.

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