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Death Note

Deception and murder are just regular occurences in this world void of trust. This committee, inspired by the popular anime Death Note, will force you to think on your feet at all times. Currently, certain individuals known as Kiras are wreaking havoc with their weapons of mass murder known as Death Notes. Those who are in possession of one can kill any individual they wish to by simply writing their name and cause of death. Though you will be forced to make friends and enemies out of unique public figures for survival, remember that the only person that can guarantee you their loyalty is yourself. It is important to understand that even though the ideas are rooted in the popular anime, a delegate who has not watched it will be at no competitive disadvantage. Remember that in the end, there is no greater motivation than revenge.

Your Dais
Mathur, Daksh - French Revolution.jpg
Bijita Neupane - Inside Out.jpg

Mehtab Waraich

Mohid Siddique  -  French Revolution.png
Sanya Taher - Inside Out.PNG

Manan Joshi

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