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Behind Bars

Behind Bars is set during the year 2020, and is focused on resolving the problems that have emerged due to gang violence in Abbot Valley Prison - a top-security penitentiary. Despite all of your differences, you, the prisoners, will have to cooperate with others in an attempt to escape the facility. Though it is impossible alone, remember that you can never trust those whose affiliations do not align with yours. Nothing will stop them from praying on your downfall, NOTHING! If remained unsolved, these problems will pose disastrous consequences to not only the environment of the prison, but your quality of life. As a delegate, you are expected to react to various crises assuming the role of your character all while expressing your creativity. The stakes are high, and teamwork is of the essence. Good luck delegates, we cannot wait to see you this March!

Your Dais:
Mathur, Daksh - French Revolution.jpg
Vaani Ladhar - Behind Bars.PNG

Vaani Ladhar

Mohid Siddique  -  French Revolution.png
Jazlyn Garcha - Behind Bars.jpg

Jazlyn Garcha

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