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Bahubali: Dawn of Destruction

Directors: Tarun Aadithya, Rinee Parikh


Jai Mahishmathi! From the graceful horses ridden by the mighty knights and damsels by the banks of the Jevanadhi, to the unmatchable beauty of the Kuntala Gardens, this proud kingdom remains unmatched in valour, beauty, knowledge, and wealth. But not all that glissens in the light is as pure as gold. Mahishmathi is doomed to be surrounded by darkness! With fierce enemies approaching at all sides and word of spies lurking within the shadows - the once feared empire is slowly, but surely crumbling apart. Nevertheless, the real danger that towers upon the kingdom lies not outside, but within the kingdom. The troubled royal family shares a plight as they decide who will be the next crown prince. Will it be the noble and brave Prince Amarendra Bahubali - whom the subjects worship as a god - or the rightful heir and son of Queen Sivagami, Prince Bahlaladeva? Tensions rise between the Princes and their supporters, and the Queen Mother worries that this firery competition will lead to devastating consequences. Now the only question that lies is - will the Mahishmathi empire uphold their historic greatness and strength during this difficult period, or will it to burn to ashes from the isinde out? That question is left for you to answer. Prepare to enter the world of the greatest empire in southern India.

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