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Directors: Dharra Raheja, Harneet Sammewali


Set in 2021, imagine a scandal - a fiasco better said - echoing the dilemma between ethics and innovation, yet with a medical twist instead. Into the world of one of Silicon Valley’s cherished companies we go - Theranos; what could you possibly know? Unraveling the ways of corruption, delving into the lives impacted by it, and dissecting Elizabeth Holmes' brainchild – the Edison; a medical product that aimed for efficiency, and ended in controversy, is all awaiting you. With twists and turns, your journey is filled, and it won’t be resolved till your mouth is unsealed: brace for sudden crises that jolt our senses, hidden relationships unmasked in the spotlight, and the very limits of ethics tested. Double agents lurk, adding layers of complexity to your work. Yet, behind the scenes, a much grander objective looms, casting its shadow on the unforeseen doom. What could possibly go wrong? How will you solve this crisis? Do you even wish to? Only one way to find out - join us in this magnetic committee, where ethics face the ultimate trial, a tapestry of secrets wait to be unveiled, and the future of the medical, business, and innovative world are yet to be declared. In this complex maze, where skies are blue, this puzzle remains unsolved without you.

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