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Directors: Priyanka Suratwala, Faraaz Syed


Step into the high stakes world of corporate law with the Suits committee! Much like the intense legal drama series, this committee brings to life the competitive atmosphere of Pearson Hardman. Delegates are in for a rollercoaster of complex legal battles, strategic chess matches, and ethical dilemmas, all reflecting the hurdles that top-notch lawyers overcome. Whether you're a seasoned MUN veteran or a fresh face, this committee extends a warm welcome to all legal enthusiasts, eager to embark on this thrilling journey! Here, you will craft legal strategies, negotiate deals, and navigate the ever-evolving world of corporate law. In the fast-paced world of Suits, alliances are formed and shattered, secrets are uncovered, and your wit and legal prowess will be put to the test. Can you outsmart your rivals and reach your goals, or will you get caught up in the drama? It's time to step into the courtroom, seize the opportunity, and prove you're a legal whiz. Are you up for the fun challenge?


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