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The Premier League. One of the biggest sports leagues in the entire world will be kicking off its 2022-2023 season soon and more exciting than ever before. The league consists of 20 clubs that compete against each other during a ten-month period throughout the year. However, this year, the Premier League has decided it is time to tweak the rules of the league and see how it plays out. Certain clubs have recently had financial boosts that have allowed them to have a major advantage in the transfer market. Youth academies of Premier League clubs have issues ensuring their players stay with their clubs. Most importantly, fans are now debating if the Premier League is now becoming a farmer’s league with its lack of competitiveness in recent years. With serious concerns come serious changes. Delegates will be working together to establish new rules to make the league better for the fans, but beware, selfishness doesn’t discredit a title. Will you make decisions for the fans or for you?

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