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Cyberpunk 2077: The Streets, The Corpos, and the Establishment

Directors: Ethan Currie, Maliha Ali


Wake up samurais, we got a city to burn. The original 1988 table top roleplay game gave this world time to evolve and develop to the smallest details. the Cyberpunk 2077: The Streets, The Corps, and The Establishment, will bring you into the world of Night City in the year 2077, neon lights and and the smell of fresh rain and exhaust, where the city is run by corporate entities, crime on the streets is rampant, and the government is falling apart, and you all are the reason why the city is falling apart. Your job is to get the city back on its feet, but in your way. You can do anything, you dream it , you can do it. Now grab your Eddies, Iron, and Chrome, and get out there.


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