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DIRECTORS: Mohit Bhabak, Sujal Thapa

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Sujal COPOUS Photo.jpg

This year’s assembly of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space will leave delegates with the role of solving urgent problems that could dictate humanity’s progress on space exploration. The militarization of space is becoming a more and more prevalent issue as nations are rapidly progressing their weaponry and the expansion into space is becoming a closer and closer reality. Additionally, the ISS, a great contributor to humanity’s current understanding of space, is deteriorating and with new companies looking to explore commercializing, space stations could soon be privately owned and used. Delegates need to deal with this pressing concern of commercialization of space. However, delegates will also be challenged with possibly the most pressing issue, colonization and ownership of space. Delegates will need to consider past experiences from earth and nations thirst to expand their territory to create treaties and other solutions to ensure that peace and stability is maintained in space.

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