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Hello and welcome, delegates, to the dichotomy of Piltover and Zaun. Based on the Netflix television show of the same name, the Arcane committee delves into the multi-faceted relationship of the dual cities, exploring the misfortuned characters who happen to find themselves trapped in the middle of the conflict. Set in the world of Runeterra from the game: "League of Legends," the two cities will find themselves not only facing an internal power struggle, but also external foes from the intricate universe. In Piltover, technologies like Hextech are being stabilized, while Chemtech's development acts as its antithesis down in Zaun, both of which delegates may choose to weaponize for war tactics, or use to advance society. As delegates vy for power in control in the turmoil using unique committee mechanics including special committee altering abilities, delegates must push forth their personal agenda, whether that be ensuring Glasc Industries maintains its Shimmer monopoly, or fighting a rebellion to liberate  Zaun, the freedom lies in your hands, delegates! How will this season of Arcane play out?

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